Socio-economic justice

Natural Humanism strives for a just society with smaller differences between rich and poor. The riches of the earth are obvious; the way in which those riches can be evenly shared is not. However, finding a way to share them should not be that difficult. 

Natural Humanism does not advocate a particular economic model, but it is not compatible with a society in which there are major differences between rich and poor and where nature is exploited for individual gain. Rather than thinking in terms of economies of scale and monopoly formation, Natural Humanism aspires to an economic model that is beneficial to both people and nature. 

People who make more of a contribution may of course benefit from more economic prosperity, but there is a need to set ceilings on that economic advantage. 

Natural Humanism seeks to minimise damage to human beings and nature when choosing materials, energy generation, the design of the lived environment and more.

Every person should be informed about the choices that are most sustainable, so that they can make the appropriate ones.