This publication was initiated by Paul de Hert, Paul Neuteboom and Steven Arrazola de Oñate. It builds on the Dutch-language presentation “We moeten ons organiseren en nee durven zeggen” (“We must organise ourselves and dare to say no”) by Paul de Hert, in an interview with Flavio Pasquino on on 5 August 2022. 

View the episode of Blckbx with Paul de Hert >> (in Dutch)

We hope that people and organizations who find resonance in these principles and ideas, or who have already spent some years working with similar ideas, will receive further encouragement in their philosophical reflections. This would be entirely in accordance with humanistic tenets and principles.

This website does not itself offer any pathways forward. Rather, we recommend supporting the activities of the bodies mentioned above, under “Relevant ventures, websites and organisations”.

The authors do not aspire to articulating a comprehensive philosophy of life. They would find it over-ambitious to articulate even a partial philosophy of life, one that focussed on the relationships between humans and nature and humans and technology. They are aware that this publication is cursory and incomplete, but it may form a starting point for an op-ed article or a manifesto.