Natural Humanism is a philosophy that starts from the premise that human beings and nature should both be held in the highest regard. It places human beings and nature on an equal footing, rather than maintaining that humans are superior. The lessons that nature can offer us are potentially infinite. Natural Humanism seeks to elicit, cultivate and make use of nature’s wisdom, with humility and respect. 

A new relationship with nature
Natural Humanism is an exploratory and open philosophy that places individual human beings at its centre, while recognising the needs of society as a whole. It aspires to a new relationship between man and nature, and believes that by using nature as a source of inspiration, humans can develop better ways of coexisting: ways that are free from authoritarian structures, and from oppression, either of humankind or of nature. In doing this, politics, technology and economics should be used in the service of humankind and the natural world, not the other way round. 

Seeking a new balance within the tradition of Humanism
Natural Humanism aims at a revitalised form of humanism, in conjunction with similar lines of thought such as eco-humanism. It also seeks to temper the anthropocentrism of classical humanism and to offer an answer to the pitfalls of mechanistic forms of materialism and of transhumanism, with its strong belief that humans can be improved through technology.

Basic rights and freedoms 
In accordance with its humanistic philosophy, Natural Humanism’s quest for a better society is grounded in a broad range of fundamental rights, with due attention being given both to basic socio-economic rights and to personal freedoms. 

Freedom of expression
Freedom of opinion and expression lies at the heart of this kind of humanism. Natural Humanism strives for the broadest possible individual self-development and permits any subject to be discussed, including things that go wrong. 

Human health and happiness
Natural Humanism places special emphasis on human health and happiness. It provides an identifiable philosophical vision of happiness, health and care, characterised by respect for nature and humility concerning human adaptability.

Core values
Natural Humanism is neither anthropocentric, nor transhumanistic; neither mechanistic, nor materialistic. Politically, it is neither to the left nor to the right; neither is it religious, nor atheistic. Natural Humanism stands for freedom, respect for one another and for nature, progress and critical thinking. It is fully inclusive.